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This website contains a range of information and example code showing how to work with spatial data using SQL Server 2008 and related technologies, including Bing Maps, Google Maps and Google Earth. All of the material is aimed at developers who are new to working with spatial data, and has been designed to accompany the book "Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008", which explains each of the topics in greater detail.

To follow the examples in the book and the additional material on this site, you need a copy of SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio. If you haven't already got these installed, you can download the full, freely-available express editions from the following links:

If you have any feedback on the book or on this site, please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to reply.

Alternatively, you can try asking a question on the relevant MSDN forum (my username is tanoshimi):

Readers' Comments on Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008

Very interesting, very useful... I’m carrying the book with me everywhere and recommending it to everyone. Great job!
- Ed Katibah, Spatial Program Manager, Microsoft

Awesome book... I definitely recommend this book to anyone working with spatial data using SQL Server!
- Chris Pietschmann, Microsoft MVP (Virtual Earth Platform)